App Development

Got an idea for a mobile App? Require a bespoke Enterprise app? Don’t know how to get there and realise it?

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Code Review

Have an old application but lost the knowledge and skill for an update?

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Information Security & Testing

Are you concerned about your data? Require a security review or penetration test? Need an Certified Ethical Hacker?

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App Development

We provide bespoke application development suitable for a variety channels to high quality standards. Our methods ensure that not only you will get what you require, but also that any internal IT department or other suppliers can integrate with the end result. You have the vision, we can translate it to reality.

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ICT22 Utilises an agile app development methodology. This will ensure full client involvement at every step of the processes and help facilitate change without impacting the costs. From a development and coding perspective ICT22 applies a test driven development approach, this will ensure not only repeatable quality but also cost effectiveness throughout the application lifecycle.

ICT22 Is used to adapting its working practises and methodology to fit in with yours. This has been demonstrated through a variety of projects for clients of all industries.


Mobile first is todays paradigm. Whilst mobile devices are connected more than ever to the Internet at ICT22 we also appreciate that bespoke mobile app development is the best solution in many scenarios.

ICT22 Is a registered partner and developer with Apple, Android, Windows Phone & Blackberry. In addition we also have experience in development on proprietary platforms for In-Car, Broadcast Television and Smart TV applications.

ICT22 Can realise your vision whether it is a public application in an online app store, or whether it is app development for a private enterprise managed deployment linked to your corporate applications.


ICT22 Approaches web development from a mobile first perspective. That means all our applications are as standard fully ‘responsive’ in its layout and design, thus allowing to scale from anything from a small smart phone, to a large screen office based application.

ICT22 Can support you in all your requirements varying from a small medium enterprise online presence utilising standard open source technologies like WordPress or Drupal, right through to a large scale enterprise operations with bespoke JAVA components and resilient international operations.

With our experience we understand the needs and approaches required.


There are times when utilising existing components and web or mobile app technology just don’t do the job required. Be it from a performance perspective, be it from a new hardware platform. ICT22 Has got the experience and track record dating back to a period when development frameworks did not exist, they had to be created.

ICT22 Can help you realise your vision with embedded technologies, we can develop the low level code required to make the Internet Of Things devices work. Contact us to discuss your requirements.

Code Review

A independent detailed review of your existing and legacy applications against agreed criteria, e.g.

  • Does it meet the requirements of what was purchased.
  • Can it be enhanced to facilitate integration with other systems.
  • Assess the portability to a new application.
  • Create and prepare documentation of an existing application.
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Information Security & Testing

Our skilled InfoSec and OSCP certified can help with your requirements. Whether it is an assurance activity, RMAD production, penetration test or a full scale attack by our Certified Ethical Hacker, ICT22 can help you be confident about your environment.

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